Top 10 Date Ideas in Columbia, MD for a Perfect Night Out

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Looking for the perfect date ideas in Columbia, MD? This vibrant town offers a diverse array of options, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences. Whether you’re seeking a romantic fine dining experience, an adventurous outdoor activity, or a unique cultural outing, Columbia has something special to offer. In this guide, we’ll highlight the top things to do in Columbia, MD, ensuring you make the most of your time in this dynamic town.

Key Takeaways:

  • Romantic Dining Options: Columbia boasts a variety of upscale restaurants and casual eateries, providing couples with a range of dining experiences to choose from, from elegant sushi establishments to farm-to-table havens.
  • Outdoor Adventures: The city’s extensive network of parks, trails, and water activities offers couples the opportunity to connect with nature and engage in fun, active date ideas.
  • Entertainment and Culture: Columbia’s vibrant arts and entertainment scene includes theaters, live performances, museums, and art galleries, catering to couples with a penchant for cultural experiences.
  • Unique and Fun Experiences: Couples can explore interactive and creative date ideas, such as escape rooms, game centers, cooking classes, and art workshops, adding a touch of adventure to their night out.
  • Seasonal and Special Event Dates: Columbia’s calendar is filled with holiday-themed activities and local festivals, providing couples with unique and memorable date opportunities throughout the year.

Romantic Dining Options

1. Dinner and Entertainment at Cazbar Restaurant

Dinner and Entertainment at Cazbar Restaurant

Experience the vibrant and exotic atmosphere at Cazbar Columbia, known for its authentic Turkish cuisine. Enjoy delicious dishes, live belly dancing performances, and a traditional hookah lounge for a truly unique and memorable date night. Don’t miss out on their selection of craft beer to complement your meal.

2. Dinner at The Iron Bridge Wine Company

dinner at the iron bridge company

Enjoy a romantic dinner at this cozy, intimate restaurant known for its extensive wine list and farm-to-table dishes. The warm ambiance and delicious food make it perfect for a special night out.

  • Location: 10435 State Route 108, Columbia, MD 21044
  • Highlights: Wine flights, gourmet cuisine, romantic setting

Outdoor Adventures

3. Romantic Stroll Around Lake Kittamaqundi

Take a romantic stroll around the scenic Lake Kittamaqundi. The lake offers picturesque views, and you can rent paddleboats for a fun activity together. There are also benches and picnic spots for a relaxed time by the water.

  • Location: Downtown Columbia, MD
  • Highlights: Scenic views, paddleboat rentals, picnic spots

4. Live Music Performances at Merriweather Post Pavilion

Live Music Performances at Merriweather Post Pavilion

Catch a concert or live entertainment at this iconic outdoor amphitheater. It hosts a variety of music genres and events throughout the year, offering an exciting experience under the stars.

  • Location: 10475 Little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia, MD 21044
  • Highlights: Live music, diverse events, outdoor venue

Unique and Fun Experiences

5. Cooking Class at The Columbia Culinary Academy

Cooking Class at The Columbia Culinary Academy

Sign up for a cooking class for a fun date night and learn to make a new dish together. It’s a fun, interactive way to bond and enjoy some delicious food you’ve prepared yourselves. Classes cover a variety of cuisines and cooking techniques.

  • Location: 10400 Cross Fox Lane, Columbia, MD 21044
  • Highlights: Hands-on cooking experience, variety of cuisines, interactive bonding

6. Escape Room Adventure at Breakout Games

Escape Room Adventure at Breakout Games

Test your teamwork and problem-solving skills at Breakout Games, a perfect spot for a first date. Choose from a variety of themed escape rooms and work together to solve puzzles and “escape” within the time limit. It’s a thrilling and fun date idea.

  • Location: 8661 Robert Fulton Drive, Suite 110, Columbia, MD 21046
  • Highlights: Themed escape rooms, teamwork, fun challenges

7. Bowling at Bowlero Columbia

 Bowling at Bowlero Columbia

Have some playful competition with a night of bowling at Bowlero Columbia, such a fun place. They offer a lively atmosphere with great music, food, and drinks. The venue also has arcade games and billiards for added fun.

  • Location: 7100 Carved Stone, Columbia, MD 21045
  • Highlights: Bowling, arcade games, lively atmosphere

These date ideas in Columbia, MD, offer a mix of dining, entertainment, and activities that are sure to create memorable experiences for you and your partner.

Entertainment and Culture

8. Date Night Movie at AMC Columbia 14

date ideas in columbia, watching movies

Watch the latest blockbuster or an indie film at AMC Columbia 14. Opt for a movie in their comfortable recliner seats for an extra cozy experience. The theater also offers a variety of snacks and drinks. They also feature first run independent films, providing a diverse selection for moviegoers.

  • Location: 10300 Little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia, MD 21044
  • Highlights: Recliner seats, latest films, variety of snacks

9. Wine and Craft Beer Tasting at AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar

Wine and Craft Beer Tasting at AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar

Enjoy an excellent wine selection with tasting flights at AIDA Bistro. Pair your wine with some of their delectable small plates for a delightful evening. The bistro offers a cozy and relaxed atmosphere perfect for a date.

  • Location: 6741 Columbia Gateway Drive, Columbia, MD 21046
  • Highlights: Wine flights, small plates, cozy atmosphere

10. Art Exhibit at the Columbia Art Center

Art Exhibit at the Columbia Art Center

Visit the Columbia Art Center and explore local art exhibits. They often have gallery shows, art classes, and events that make for a culturally enriching date night. It’s a great way to appreciate art and creativity together.

  • Location: 6100 Foreland Garth, Columbia, MD 21045
  • Highlights: Local art exhibits, art classes, cultural enrichment


South Carolina, particularly Columbia, MD, offers a diverse range of date ideas that cater to various tastes and interests. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner, a cultural experience, or an adventurous activity, Columbia has something to make your date night special. From the cozy ambiance of The Iron Bridge Wine Company to the vibrant entertainment at Cazbar Restaurant, these top 10 date ideas provide a perfect blend of dining, entertainment, and unique experiences. So, go ahead and plan your next date night in Columbia for a memorable and delightful time with your partner.


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